Celebrate National Drink Day at Jenny Dawn Cellars - Jenny Dawn Cellars

Celebrate National Drink Day at Jenny Dawn Cellars

National Drink Wine Day is Feb. 18. If your response to that is, “isn’t every day Drink Wine Day?” then this blog post is for you! Here are the best spots in Wichita to raise a glass in celebration of National Drink Wine Day, or any day for that matter.

In 2021, five Wichita restaurants were recognized as some of the “world’s best restaurants for wine,” earning 2021 Wine Spectator awards. The magazine chooses award winners on three levels.

Jenny Dawn Cellars

This chill spot is a great place to win(e)d down with friends to celebrate and relax. The lowkey winery is located next to Union Station in downtown Wichita. All of the wines offered are made in-house. How cool is that?  Jenny, offers wine flights to help you find a wine fit for you. She also offers guided wine tastings monthly, so be on the lookout if you’re interested.

To read about the other four Wichita restaurants listed, the entire Visit Wichita article can be found here

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