Jennifer McDonald makes Sweet July's list of 15 Women of Color-Owned Wine Labels to Support - Jenny Dawn Cellars

Jennifer McDonald makes Sweet July’s list of 15 Women of Color-Owned Wine Labels to Support

winemaker Jennifer McDonald smelling a glass of wine in her winery

Today, thanks to many badass trailblazers like Iris Rideau, Theodora Lee, Tahiirah Habibi, Dorothy J. Gaiter, Julia Coney, Jennifer McDonald and so many others, women of color are breaking glass ceilings unapologetically in the wine industry. From retail shop owners, small business owners, journalists, and marketing executives to vineyard managers and social media influencers, women are changing the world of wine and lifting as they climb every step of the way.

This progress extends to the growing number of vintners and winemakers across the country and world. Here are 15 wine brands helmed by women of color that you should add to your growing wine repertoire.

Read more about the 15 winemakers on the list here.

Posted in Default, News by Jennifer McDonald on March 4, 2022.

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