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Welcome Back Our Guided Wine Tastings

We’ve missed hosting them just as much as you’ve missed attending. Jenny Dawn Cellars is excited to kick off the year with the return of guided wine tastings every Tuesday at 6:30PM beginning in February. 

The more you know about wine the more magical your moment will be.

The following are three reasons why you should attend a guided wine tasting class:

Explore your palate

While sampling our wine, you will be led through a five point sensory analysis journey which includes understanding the appearance, aroma, body, taste and finish of each wine. This will help you develop a deeper understanding of the elements that make up a great wine as well as what it takes to craft a great wine. You will be exposing yourself to the variety of flavors in terms of sweetness, bitterness, fruitiness, and acidity. For example, our Red Caboose is slightly fruity and savory with aromas and flavors of strawberry, cranberry, banana, roses, and lilies. Our Jenny Dawn Cellars Red Caboose is a rose’ style wine but it is similar in taste to Menois a Trois red wine.

Discover your unique wine preferences

Throughout the tasting you will begin to recognize your wine preferences. While sampling, you learn more about yourself. Do you prefer sweet, fruity rose’? A deep red cabernet or zinfandel? A crisp white chardonnay or pinot grigio? You will find wines you love and be able to pinpoint the flavors that attract you to them.

Experience food and wine pairings through the eyes of a professional

A Jenny Dawn Cellars guided wine tasting is the perfect place to gain an understanding of  food options that pair great with a chosen wine. The right food and wine pairing work together to enhance the flavors of one another to create your moment. For example, our white wine Union Station pairs well with light cheeses such as havariti, gouda and pepper jack as well as shellfish or fish dishes.

Plan your visit today.

Cheers to the return of our guided wine tastings.

Posted in Events by Jennifer McDonald on February 1, 2022.

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